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The agony of choice

Fun and games are in the foreground of every online casino. The various games not only provide many hours of thrills, but also the necessary variety to never be bored. Most offers offer not only the relevant classics such as roulette, blackjack or online slots and 3D slot machines, but also “exotics” such as scratch cards, keno, bingo and baccarat. All casinos are constantly expanding their portfolios to challenge players to new puzzles and tasks.

The agony of choice

Even in the promotions can be distinguished between low and high scooters. Recognizing the particular subtleties is not always easy at first glance. Our tests help to identify the right supply situation in order to use the small details for your own gaming behavior. EU Casino, Sunmaker, Playmillion, 7 Red Casino, Casino Club or even a completely different online casino like betway or bet365? An exact recommendation can only be made in the rarest cases. It is therefore advised each player to gain their own experience. Now and then, the final decision is only suitable if the gaming behavior was scrutinized.

Our tests are designed to pave the way to the target and separate the wheat from the chaff. Because as different as the many offers are, so many advantages and disadvantages can arise for the very personal taste. One thing is for sure: All featured casinos are reputable, officially licensed and discreet!

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