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Spinfinity Man slot

The Spinfinity Man slot by Betsoft is an electrifying superhero-themed game where you’ll battle to defeat Mr. X. Cape up and join the team, swooping up cold hard cash along the way. The slot hit the market just a few months ago, in June of 2019.

The RTP is 95.8%, and variance is high, creating the perfect mixture of winning potential and giving you more reasons to play. In this review, we will share some casinos where you can try it and tell you exactly what you’ll need to look for while spinning the reels up, up, and away.

Spinfinity Man Slot: Spins and paylines

How to Play?

On the lower end of the betting range, you can start spinning for only 0.1 credits. 10 credits and a lucky combo along the reels equal the max win of 10,000 coins. There are 7 reels and 7 lines, making up a total of 49 spaces for symbols to fall into places. A cluster of 4 or more symbols is what puts money into your bank, and just how much depends on which icon you’re lucky enough to land. The Spinfinity Man symbols hold different values depending on which group they belong to.

Standard Symbols

These ones are represented by usual face card values like Js to As, where 4 – 8 symbols can land on the reels within one spin. A combo with Qs and Js puts 1.50x your bet in your pocket when you find 8 along the reels, and Ks and As give you a 3x multiplier. 

Upgraded Symbols

Colorful explosions light up the screen in blue, purple, and yellow. This electrified power-packed bunch pays 4.50x for the lower 2 (blue and purple) and 6x your wager for the all-powerful yellow.

High and Special

The highest-value symbol is a large cluster of diamonds. Find 8 clumped together and you’ll get 9X whatever you wagered that round.  Apart from this, be on the lookout for a super wild, that will grow all clusters that are made from standard and upgraded symbols. Spinfinity Man himself will also appear in the game, and when he does, he’ll bring big winning potential along with him. These superpower bonus features include:

  • Laser Eye – burns away 2 row or 2 columns;
  • Icy Blast – shatters a cluster of non-winning symbols;
  • Telepathy – removes single symbols from the entire grid.

Bonus Games

The Spinfinity man slot is packed with a variety of bonuses that will make you smile.

Win in spinfinity man online slot

Fan Girl

A dedicated fan is cheering you up at the sidelines and gets just as excited as you do for every winning combo. For every 6 clusters, she will burst with excitement and reward you with an instant prize.

Mr. X

When Mr. X appears, you get a chance to catch him and finally achieve justice. He will then disappear, creating space for other symbols to fall in his place. The symbol will lead you to the Villain Trail bonus game, where you’ll have more chances to catch Mr. X and rack up coins in the process.

Villain Trails

In this bonus round, the Spinfinity Man symbols from above convert into Mr. X symbols, each with their own type of rewards. Burn away rows and columns, blow up clusters of symbols, and zap symbols away to collect free spins along the way each time a Mr. X symbol pops up.

Where to Play?

Still being on the newer side of things, the Spinfinity Man slot can be found in just a few online casinos available for UK players. We have listed them below, so be sure to check them out for bonus features and other Betsoft games.

CasinoLicenseNumber of slots
Drake Casino UK Gambling Commission 100 + slot games
Big Bang casino UK Gambling Commission 160 + games

Big Wins

The Spinfinity man slot is a lower-wager game; therefore, a lower max win in one spin is the result. However, it is possible to collect winnings over time, especially with all the added bonus symbols and features. Take a look at one lucky big win here.

Should you Play Spinfinity Man?

The electrified gameplay and energetic music in the Spinfinity Man slot create the exact atmosphere one would expect from a superhero-themed game. The symbols explode off the reels, making room for bigger and better clusters in the process. So, should you give it a try? Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons.


  • Cool graphics;
  • Great sound effects;
  • Fast-paced play;
  • Lots of bonus opportunities;
  • A chance to go double or nothing.


  • Lower max wins;
  • Lower than average RTP.

There are really not too many cons to list, especially since we enjoyed Spinfinity Man. The lower RTP shouldn’t faze you, especially once you’re given access to the bonus round for a chance to battle the game’s villain. If you’re looking to save the day and score some green, give this slot from Betsoft a try.