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Discover the world of slot games on the Internet. Merkur games, video slots or classic slot machines, now choose your favorite casino.

Always popular, slots are currently experiencing the online comeback. With small bets one can achieve really high profits. The Caille brothers invented the Black Cat in 1889 and this was the first slot machine game. A 3-roll device was invented at the same time by Charles Fey and this was also what became known as a one-armed bandit.

Liberty Bell & Operator Bell

Charles Fey called the machine Liberty Bell and this became so successful that competitors often copied it. The foundation stone was laid for the vending industry. If you want to see the original Liberty Bell machine, you have to go to Nevada. In Nevada, this is in Reno in the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant. The automatic operator Bell was then produced by Herbert Mills in 1907 and a serial production then took place in 1908.

Slot machine Money Honey by Bally Technologies
This machine was then installed in shaving shops, brothels, bowling halls, pubs and tobacconists. This principle of Bell machines then followed in the next decades all newly developed machines. The first fully electro-mechanically operated machine was then developed by Bally Technologies in 1963. This was an American vending machine manufacturer and the machine was called Money Honey. Over time, more and more state-of-the-art machines were built and developed.

The best slot games online

The first online casinos then opened in 1990 and so for more than twenty years, there are also all the popular slot machines. The online slot machines got a boost as fast Internet connections spread. At the present time, everyone can play the machines from the comfort of their own sofa. At home, there are even better graphics and bonuses. If you want to familiarize yourself with games, you can use the variants with play money. Here, players have the opportunity to learn all about their favorite games.

  • Triple chance
  • Thunder Storm
  • Gold of Persia
  • Extra 10 liners
  • Diamond Casino
  • Endless Summer
  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Amazonia
  • Super 7 Reels
  • Double triple chance
Slot games online

Better payout rates on the internet

The slot machines on the Internet can be easily learned, they prepare a lot of fun and with a little luck, money can be won. Through the machines on the Internet there is also the possibility that is played during the lunch break in the office. The principle of the machines is the same as in the machines in real casinos, only that the machines on the Internet have higher payout rates and are more beautiful to look at. Players will soon be convinced that the sounds and graphics are much better. The slot machines on the Internet are also usually even clearer and easier.

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