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Get in one

Hole in One is a top slot not only for golf fans with many jackpot winning features.

Hole in One is a game that is not just beloved by the golfers. The slot machine offers tons of fun and entertainment and a wide spectrum of bonus games. This type of slot machine is also one of the best games with a huge payout rate. How high the profit is determined by the player himself. On 5 reels up to 9 lines can be selected. With three identical symbols, the player wins many coins depending on the symbols. Hole in One has been designed to give players many bonus rounds in addition to top-notch entertainment that can more than quadruple their coins easily and quickly.

Hole in One – Slot Machine features and bonus game

The video slot is also an optical highlight. Its animated features make it very fun to play the machine. Special features are the golfers who help you to blow up the jackpot. With only three Madgolfer you can win up to 2,700 coins. The Smiling Golfers start an additional bonus game. With a shot, birdie or par clears off here vigorously. The more symbols appear during the game, the higher the win. In addition, during the game, if the Wild symbol appears and is then placed on the Sand Trap or on the Hazard, you can blow up the bank or make huge sums of money. The paylines and bets are determined by the player himself, from one to nine lines can be selected. Players can tell that you can not lose on this machine, you just get too many chances to win. Let’s go – the mybet Casino works fast and easy without download.

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